Marcia C

“Dr. Gary Michels and his wonderful staff have truly bright and my smile! Before Dr. Michels worked his magic, I was one of those who held her hand over her mouth when she laughed. I dreaded picture time and having someone say “smile”. I did my best to give a half-smile, annoying many photographers over the years. It was my private shame. I now have the straight, white teeth I always wanted.” - Marcia C

Joel C

“I have to tell you, I work hard. From the early mornings until the late evenings, I am committed to pleasing my customers. A little smile from them and a little smile from me let's me know I accomplished my goal. For years it wasn't that easy for me to smile because I was self-conscious of the appearance of my teeth. I heard about Dr. Michels and finally decided to visit him to improve my smile. He exceeded my expectations.” - Joel C

Wally C

“Dr. Michels THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the great dental care you have given me. Since I started coming to see you 26 years ago, the dentistry you have provided for me has met all my needs from the inlays, the veneers, the caps, and even in one case where you engineered a special solution to solve my problem. I can't forget the eight new caps on the front teeth and how much that improved my smile.” - Wally C

Patty S

“My cousin persuaded me to go with her to see Dr. Gary Michels. He was wonderful! He provided an immediate temporary “fix” for my oldest son that hid all his teeth and enabled him to really smile for the first time. It was FANTASTIC and AFFORDABLE. Since then, Dr. Michels has restored all of my son's upper teeth.” - Patty S

Mike F

“Dr. Michels and Dr. Gauquie, thank you so much for my new smile. It is hard to imagine how much more often I find myself smiling. As a youngster, I was the goalie on both the soccer and hockey teams. Needless to say, the results were evident, whenever I smiled. Your work has made such a difference in my life. Thank you.” - Mike F

Janet P

“As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to have beautiful teeth. Now my wish has come true. Dr. Gary Michels made this possible. I have been a patient of his for over 20 years. He and his staff always make me feel at home and comfortable. This also makes me much more confident when I talk to people because now I have a beautiful smile.” - Janet P

Shannon G

“Dr. Michels and his staff made a lifelong anxiety about my teeth disappear. Each person treated me like a family member. I experienced compassion, quality, and professionalism. The result, a smile I'm so proud of that I can't stop grinning.” - Shannon G

Tom B

“Several years ago when I began seeing Dr. Michels, I had a mouth full of problems. Years of tobacco use had wrecked havoc with my teeth. Today, I am as proud of my smile as ever. there are not enough superlatives to complement the dental care I have received. But, what has been most impressive is the warmth and friendliness that extends from Dr. Michels throughout his entire staff. His practice stands in sharp contrast to most offices where indifference and detachment seem to be the order of the day. I have yet to leave their office without feeling good.” - Tom B

Sandra B

“I thank you and your staff very much for my new smile. I go around smiling how much people are beginning to think I am up to mischief. Everyone was so good to me. Tehe schedule was worked out with me having to travel so far. Dr. Michel even came out on a Saturday to save me an extra trip from South Carolina. I tell everyone where I got my new smile. Again, I thank all of you for your patience and kindness. God bless you all.” - Sandra B