Eating with a dental implant

Dental implant mouth with teeth with logo

Eating with dental implants is quite similar to eating with biological teeth. The reason for this is that the implants are integrated into the jawbone and therefore will not move or slip in the mouth. After implants have stabilized, patients are able to enjoy a healthy diet without any restrictions.

What foods to Avoid after Implant Surgery?

The first 10-14 days following the implant procedure, you should avoid any foods that may delay the healing process as this period is the most critical for recovery. These foods include....

1. Hard or Crusty food ( Bread, Hard taco shells, chips)

2. Apples & Carrots (unless shredded into very small pieces)

3. Chewing Ice cubes

4. Meat

5. Acidic, sugary, or alcoholic beverages

6. Avoid overly hot or chilled beverages

What foods to eat after Implant Surgery?

Soft foods are easy to digest and are a good choice for the first two weeks or so after surgery. These foods include

1. Scrambled eggs

2. Yogurt

3. Oatmeal

4. Macaroni and cheese

5. Applesauce

6. Soups

In the long term, cut down the amount of strongly colored beverages such as tea, coffee, and red wine as they can stain your implants as well as natural teeth. Alcoholic beverages and foods having high quantities of sugar should also be taken in moderation.