Fast Braces

Fast braces

Orthodontic treatment with fast braces technology is a quick, safe, and affordable method of straightening your smile using modern technology. By using this innovative procedure, we can straighten your teeth in about a year or sometimes just a few months. With the patented triangular braces design, cutting-edge techniques, and a special heat-activated wire, this new technology is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics.

A close up of a mouth with multiple gaps on the teeth.A close up of a mouth that has a gum disease.

How Do Fast Braces Work?

While traditional braces move the teeth into position in two stages, usually over two years. The brackets used with fast braces work on a different mechanical principle altogether. The patented system uses an innovative bracket and a specially- shaped wire to correct the position of the root of the tooth from the beginning of treatment. This combination is key in realigning the root and crown simultaneously.

What Makes Fast Braces Different?

The fast braces technology brackets have an elevated slot and a unique elbow design. The shape of the frame is critical because it changes the force-flexibility equation. The square shape of conventional brackets defines the distance between the shelves, which determines the wire's flexibility.

However, with its elevated slot, the triangular shape of the fast braces patented frame typically increases the distance between the individual brackets, increasing the wire's flexibility. Additionally, the "elbows "of the bracket help deliver torquing and tipping forces to the root from the beginning of treatment. In exceptional cases, these fundamental differences allow treatment to be completed in about a year or as little as three months.

Are Fast Braces Safe?

Fast braces are safe and offer many additional benefits. Patients often experience less discomfort, and there are no more risks with fast braces than those associated with traditional braces. Treatment with fast braces technology improves the patient’s lifestyle and is more convenient because the process typically takes just a few visits.

Are You Interested in Fast Braces in Greenville, NC?

Fast braces can help straighten your crooked and misaligned teeth. At Michels & Gauquie Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, you can count on our team to provide you with the best dental solutions. Give us a call today to get started on your treatment.